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Mystery Dinner…

Guaranteed fun!


You may have heard of the famous Dinner with Cluedo or Mystery Dinners. It is an interactive leisure experience that mixes gastronomy with a game in which a murder occurs or you have to achieve objectives to win. But in addition, there is good vibes, fun and mystery that spice up this unique experience that is increasingly in demand for group entertainment.

Cluedo dinner is common for group celebrations. Examples are: special birthdays, bachelor parties and private parties. The teambuilding of companies is also a market niche. On other occasions, the capacity is open for special events for singles or tourists. As you can see, the public that likes this mystery activity is varied and mystery dinners are very popular in the entertainment world. 


What is the origin of Cluedo Dinners? 

As you may already know, cluedo dates back a few decades. Specifically, its influence lies in Agatha Christie's Whodunit novels. As you already know, the Queen of Crime was (and still is) one of the greatest literary authorities in this genre that has appeared on the big screen many times thanks to adaptations of Christie's novels and stories._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

What does Whodunit mean?, you ask. Whodunit comes from the Anglo-Saxon contraction "Who has done it?", which means "Who has done it?". As you can see, knowing the author of the murder is not the only question to find out. Why? Because within the common premise that occurs in every game, players must answer 3 questions to solve the crime: WHO, HOW and WHY. In other words, in addition to the main objective, it is necessary to find out, for example, how he killed his victim (weapon and modus operandi) as well as why (motive or motive for the crime). These are the keys to all detective plots and live games today. 

But how do you play Cluedo Dinner?

Your sister-in-law has invited you to your cousin's bachelorette party and you only know that on Saturday you have a Dinner with Cluedo. Wonderful! Or your boss has organized a special event for the department's Christmas dinner. Great! What will you have to do? What will the experience consist of? How will you have to be dressed? Calm! We tell you everything you need below. 

1. The characters

The first thing you need to know is that each player will represent a character (including the game organization's own actor, also called the Game Master). A few days before your dinner date with Cluedo, the team captain will be in communication with the organization of the activity and will be the one who manages the documentation.

He will distribute to each player your character file and a brief game guide so that you know what the story is about, who will be the other characters with whom you will interact and basic dynamics. In this file, you will know the name of your character, his personal history, personal characteristics and appropriate clothing. So you have it very easy to play the role of your life (you don't have to study for an exam but it wouldn't hurt to be prepared). You'll also have time to find a cheap costume that works well so you don't get bored. 


2. Interaction in the game


On “D” day you will show up at the place and time mentioned on time with your costume in hand. If you don't like being dressed like that on the street, you can always dress up there. But keep in mind that time is money and they won't be able to wait long in the game for you to make up. For this reason, it is better to try to go dressed and made up from home, although more than one could have a heart attack on the bus dressed in that guise.

You will have to put some stickers with the name of your character. You stop being María, Pepe or Cristina and you will start to behave as such, getting along with your allies and making it clear to your enemies that they are. If you have doubts about your character or the dynamics of the game, you can consult the sheet and game guide that the team captain sent you and that it would be interesting to have printed. 

Once the Game Master tells you that it is time to sit down to dinner, you must do so. And during such a time it is possible that some event will occur that will interrupt the meal. One of you may die, be poisoned or poisoned, etc... And the murderer may or may not be among you. It will be time to blame each other, defend yourselves with the best alibis you have and move forward in solving the crime. Remember: who, how and why.

3. The end of the game

As the dinner  progresses, the knives will fly (and not precisely to cut the steaks), but because the tension will be excessive. Dying (and not exactly laughing) will be the common denominator of the event. Only your detective work will lead you (or not) to the correct solution.

Once the moment defined by the Game Master arrives to put all your conclusions on the table, the truth will be known. Will you have achieved it? If you have been the murderer, will you have escaped being blamed? If you have been an investigator, will you have had enough expertise? It will be time to hand out diplomas. Good! Also to capture the last moments of a hilarious (and deadly) mystery dinner so you can keep fantastic memories in the company of your group. It will be an unforgettable birthday, farewell or teambuilding event. And surely you will want to repeat. 

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